Features That Will Boost Your Workflow

Time tested and constantly improved, the AnyDesk features help you to improve efficiency by optimising your workflows.

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Access & Control

AnyDesk’s high-performance Remote Desktop Software enables latency-free Desktop Sharing, stable Remote Control and fast and secure data transmission between devices.

Desktop Sharing

View the screen of another device or share your monitor with other users.

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Interactive Access

Control keyboard and mouse of another device or allow other users to interact with your screen.

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File Manager

Manage data and files between two devices parallel to a normal remote session.

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Wake on LAN

Turn devices on from sleep mode while connecting to them remotely.

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Remote Printing

Print your files and documents from a remote device to a local printer, from any location.

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Unattended Access

Access your remote device via password without having to accept the remote session manually.

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Mobile Device Management

Configure AnyDesk via a Mobile Device Management solution for the central management of Android and iOS devices.

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Administration & Customization

AnyDesk’s features aren't set in stone. Our highly flexible solution offers endless options for customization, adapting to the needs of any IT administrator.

Address Book

Keep an overview over your contacts and organize them by assigning special names or tags to them

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my.anydesk II

Manage your clients via our central management console. Keep an eye on crucial session data and create your own custom client.

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Our REST-API allows you to seamlessly integrate AnyDesk into your existing software.

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Choose your own Namespace for your AnyDesk Alias for precise identification.

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Custom Client

Configure your own AnyDesk version with custom settings to reflect your corporate identity.

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Group Policies

Keep administrative tasks centralized. Use Group Policies for the central management of users.

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Session Permission Profiles

Choose different Session Permission Profiles for different users and adapt your session to your use case.

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User Account

Sign up to your AnyDesk User Account and log in across multiple devices.

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Security & Privacy

Security is our priority. Discover AnyDesk’s countless security features that fit to your personal security requirements.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add another security layer to your unattended access by enabling Two-Factor Authentication.

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Permission Management

Predefine what features are accessible when connecting to your device. For example, allow or disallow the use of your mouse and keyboard.

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Privacy Mode

Keep your session private by blackening the screen of your remote device.

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You can restrict access to your device and allow only certain devices to contact you.

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Screen Frame

Use a customizable Screen Frame to make incoming connections to your device visible instantly.

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Thanks to AnyDesk’s low latency, teamwork is now easier and faster than ever. Discover the best collaboration features for your projects.

Text Chat

Communicate via text chat either before or during an active session.

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Draw on the screen for visualization and more efficient collaboration.

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Session Invitation

Directly invite a user to access your device, no further session request is needed.

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