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More consistency and better organization

Seamlessly integrate AnyDesk into your existing software. Our REST-API is an interface to retrieve and store database information from your AnyDesk account.


Integrate AnyDesk into third party applications via REST-API. You can find a REST-Interface document on, allowing you to automate billing processes or the collection of session data. Or simply use our Python module and example scripts to access the REST-API.

Basic plan

Retrieve all basic AnyDesk data you need for a smooth workflow. The Basic Plan allows you to show license information, system information (license, number of clients, etc.), client details (such as online status, alias etc.), the client list, and a session list within a specific timeframe (+ export).

Advanced plan

Make the most out of your AnyDesk REST-API and benefit from all basic features. You can remove a client from your license, show details of a particular session, change session comments, close an active session, change and remove an alias, list name and ID of every Address Book in your license, and also have Full Command line access.

Benefit from AnyDesk

Python module

With our Python module and example scripts available on GitHub, you can implement your own programs, or create scripts to automate tasks. If you are a Professional Services customer, we can even customize your own scripts to fit your needs.

Increased productivity

Retrieving and storing data manually can get tedious, because it can take a lot of time. By using a REST-API, you can automate these processes and let third-party applications handle it. That way, you save time and increase productivity.

Seamless data transfer

Manually handling billing processes usually is very error-prone. You will benefit from time-saving automation by using the AnyDesk REST-API: This means that your data can be retrieved automatically, and accurately. REST-API is easy to understand and easy to implement!

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