• Session Settings:
    Fixed crash in session settings.
  • Security:
    Incoming sessions from not licensed clients are blocked.
  • Security:
    Exchanged code signing certificate. The previous certificate will be invalidated soon.
  • UX:
    The cursor now indicates when action is disallowed on the remote side.
  • Keyboard:
    Fixed injection of additional keyboard events.
  • Security:
    Added more information about requester of incoming session.
  • Settings:
    Organized session settings.
  • Security:
    Revamped security warning dialog.
  • Keyboard:
    New special keyboard
  • UX:
    Fixed whiteboard's colour picker
  • UX:
    Added missing Lithuanian language
  • UX:
    Improved scrolling
  • UI:
    Minor UI fixes and adjustements
  • Scam prevention:
    Added button for reporting suspicious behavior
  • UI:
    Optimization in UI when application runs not in full screen on iPad
  • UI:
    New design
  • Settings:
    More settings available
  • Keyboard:
    Support for different language layouts of hardware keyboard
  • UI:
    Support of drag and drop files between application
  • UI:
    Added 'Recent apps' button for Android sessions
  • Connection:
    Fixed issues during establishing connection
  • Connection:
    Fixed issue with direct connection
  • UI:
    Fixed black screen during connection to device with high DPI resolution monitor
  • Capture:
    Optimisation in screen capturing
  • General Improvements:
    Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • General Improvements:
    Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Whiteboard:
    Added whiteboard feature
  • MDM:
    Extended MDM to include more config items
  • Network:
    Fixed issue that sometimes prevented direct connections
  • General Improvements:
    Improved file transfer
  • File transfer:
    Added possibility to cancel uploading files
  • Crash:
    Fixed crash during displaying 2FA dialog when the app goes to background
  • UI:
    Fixed visibility in autodiscovery
  • Mobile Device Management:
    Added support for Mobile Device Management
  • External Monitor:
    The iOS Client now supports external monitors
  • Apple Pencil:
    Support for the Apple Pencil has been added
  • General Improvements:
    Increased stability of the overall product and fixed several bugs
  • Security warning:
    Security warning.
  • Batch operations in file manager:
    Batch operations in file manager.
  • Audio transmission:
    Added Device and Microphone Audio Transmission.
  • New option for display details:
    Added display option to preserve details when encoding image.
  • Saving to photo library:
    Fixed saving image/video to photo library.
  • New HW support:
    Magic Keyboard support.
  • File transfer support:
    File sharing extension.
  • Support for remote restart:
    Request remote restart.
  • Improvements during the session:
    Lock account on session end. Follow remote window focus.
  • AnyDesk ID on start:
    Fixed that AnyDesk ID was not shown on start.
  • Language detection fix:
    Fixed that AnyDesk ID was not shown on start.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of small bugs.
  • File transfer support:
    It is now possible to transfer files to and from the iOS device.
  • Improved incoming connection:
    Significantly improves user experience during session to iOS devices.
  • Support for 2FA:
    Provides support for Two-Factor Authentication when connecting to a device which has it enabled.
  • Flexible Session Recordings:
    Session Recordings can now be started and stopped at any time.
  • Session recording:
    It is now possible to record and play back a session.
  • System information:
    System information about the device is now available in the menu.
  • Multi-touch events:
    Added support for multi-touch events.
  • Bugfix:
    Minor improvements and fixed couple of small bugs.
  • Network discovery security:
    Improved Network discovery security.
  • iPad split screen:
    Fixed bugs in split screen on iPad.
  • Touchpad mode:
    Touchpad mode is not the default mode.
  • Keyboard display bug:
    Fixed bugs in displaying keyboard when hardware keyboard is connected to the device.
  • Take screenshot:
    Fixed Taked screenshot feature.
  • Touchpad mode:
    Local cursor in touchpad mode.
  • Language settings:
    Language is now taked from iOS language settings.
  • Bugfix:
    Fixed couple of crashes.
  • Connection to OnPremises server:
    It is now possible to conncet to AnyDesk OnPremises server.
  • Discovery feature:
    New Discovery feature to find other AnyDesk instances in the local network.
  • Multi-monitor support:
    Added support for up to 16 monitors.
  • New dark mode:
    Added compatibilty with iOS dark mode.

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