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AnyDesk offers high security standards, unparalleled performance and maximized customizability to fit your company’s needs and secure your corporate success.

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The all-in-on solution for Remote Access & Support

Enable your IT-Department to work more efficiently, and to delight your clients, customers and the whole enterprise with AnyDesk's Remote Desktop Software. Thought-through features and outstanding benefits support you in enhancing your productivity and ensuring business continuity.


Superior security

We take your security concerns. AnyDesk’s remote desktop software brings robust security to your connections through RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption that verifies all connections. We employ military-grade standards to protect your device from unauthorized access.

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Unparalleled performance

Performance saves valuable time and is therefore key to improve the capacity of your IT department. Due to our DeskRT video codec, AnyDesk is ahead of its time and guarantees high frame rates, low latency and efficient bandwidth usage for a lag-free remote connections.

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Maximized efficiency

Accelerate time to impact. We enable you a fast deployment. Use an MSI package to automatically roll AnyDesk out on multiple computers and configure all devices as needed. Or use the command line interface to automate AnyDesk using scripts.

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Every device, all OS

Flexibility is the key to speed. AnyDesk works on a broad variety of operating systems, devices and even between machines. We allow you seamless cross-compatibility connections.

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Supreme customization

We serve your corporation`s needs. Our Management Console enables you to not only customize the client but also to offer an advanced user management. Easily create custom roles, user groups as well as permission profiles.

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Facilitated user administration

A good management overview is crucial for effective administration. We provide you to easily replicate your company structure and organize your AnyDesk users, clients as well licenses and sessions.

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Your choice

AnyDesk Cloud

  • Dependent global server infrastructure
  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Customized Clients available

AnyDesk On-Premises

  • All data remains within your network
  • Self-hosted and managed by your IT team
  • Fully customizable

Benefit from our Ultimate services

Optimize your IT workflows

Benefit from our professional services to optimize your workflows and reach the next level of efficiency.


Your corporate success matters to us. We take time to onboard your IT-Team to help you get the best out of your solution.

Customization and iteration

Receive experienced advice how you can ideally customize AnyDesk according to your needs.

Problem solving and troubleshooting

Get support either directly from our Customer Care Team or online via our intensive Helpcenter and Chatbot.

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“Even as COVID-19 restrictions ease, remote work is here to stay. In fact, a projected 70% of the workforce could be working from home by 2025. By using a remote desktop, teams can maintain high productivity while working remotely and ensure a seamless transition between in-office and at-home operations.”

Sean Peek, Contributing Writer

Trusted by over 170,000 customers

Secure by standard

Experience an almost invisible latency even at low bandwith usage. Thanks to the industry leading video-codec DeskRT.

Standardised Protocol Technology

256-bit AES

Transport Encryption

2 -Factor


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